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Low and Sweet Orchestra
Goodbye to All That
If the Low and Sweet Orchestra mutated into street buskers playing for cash in the French Quarter, I'd damn near give them every shiny penny. Sometimes sad, other times pristine and evocative, the Low and Sweet Orchestra creates outdoor music meant for strolling down cobblestone promenades. The group reminds me a little of the Pogues, Johnny Cash, Mano Negra and Springsteen, especially on "Sometimes the Truth Is All You Get." It's Kieran Mulroney's violin and James Fearnley's accordion that pin down the heart--or Mike Martt's husky, corduroy-lined voice. Either way, "A Nail Won't Fix a Broken Heart," "Take a Long Look" and "Miss Her Anyway" are the songs you want in the jukebox at closing time. (Todd S. Inoue)





"Tomorrow Shines Bright"

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